A Good Success Story Can Truly Be Inspirational

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Sometimes the struggles and challenges of owning and operating your own business can become too much for some people. Because of the lean times, struggles to keep and attract customers, hiring and training your employees, and maintaining the general day-to-day operations can make for a very difficult time to say the least.

It seems like the battle can be never ending at times. You take a step forward, only to have to take two steps back. This is why so many become disillusioned because when they do struggle they don’t know exactly what to do about it.

Sometimes the answer to this problem is to            look at the challenges faced by another executive or manager, see how they overcame that, and how they have risen to great success. No person models this kind of Cinderella story better than Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.

A little over eight years ago Hurd was on top of the world, running Hewlett-Packard in turning around the tech giant after several lean years nearly crippled it. However, a false allegation led to his departure from HP, and many believed that his career trajectory was over.

However, Oracle saw the brilliance and innovative ideas of Hurd, hiring him as their CEO in 2010. Since then, he has turned the tech company into one of the largest in the world, valued at nearly $50 billion.

In this day and age, such a struggle over allegation, even if it does prove to be true can be crippling to the career for so many. However, Mark Hurd did not let that stop him from progressing, and now he turned his organization into one of the most important and valued on the planet.

You can see at this URL some of the innovative and brilliant ideas that Mark Hurd has developed. If you are a struggling executive wanting to know how you can turn things around, learn from a true success story.

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