Have You Heard Of Image SEO? It Is Equally Important As Ordinary SEO If Not Even More

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"SEO is definitely the best-known element of websites and the online industry in general. It tweaks Google into showing a certain website, your website much higher than your rivals. But, what about the images? Most website owners believe that an HD picture is the only thing they need. Actually, image SEO does exist, and it is even more important than standard SEO.

Image SEO means that Google will rank your website better, simply because you have more relevant images to that particular topic. Of course, great quality is essential, but there are a lot of other factors. In addition, you can use AvocadoSEO to get the most from your images.

The main elements to consider

Beside the quality which we already have mentioned, there are a few more factors to pay attention to. First of all is the name of the image. If it is DS012-124.jpeg, it won’t be very good. If that image represents a black iPhone 7S, it should be renamed to Black iPhone 7S.jpeg. This increases the potential value of the image.

A simple image isn’t enough. If you are advertising, selling or just writing about iPhone 7S, you will need photos from all angles, with the display on and off and etc. The point is to give to your visitors the best content improved and better explained with images. Generic images are not a great choice as well. They are treated as spam or even worse.

The larger images are the best. Yes, but only when you use them correctly. If you just add an image with a huge resolution and then use the source code to resize it, you will make a mistake. Maybe your website loading time will be better, but Google doesn’t like that. It is better to add smaller size and give the option to view large image.

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