Tips for selecting the best facial hair epilator for your skin

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "epilator"Using an epilator for the first time on your face! Scared which epilator to select from the bundle of epilators available in the market! Yes, it can be a confusing for every women shopping for the first time for an epilator. So let us check how you can get the best facial hair epilator.

The first point any women should know is about the type of hair they are having on their face. Are you looking for only a facial epilator or a body epilator with thick and harsh hair or smooth thin hair?

In case you are looking for a epilator for thick hair, make a note that all the epilators are not capable to remove the thick hair from its roots. Some epilators just cut off the hair from its surface living the root hair still. Also if you want to remove the unwanted hair from the eyebrows, an epilator is definitely not the best option. For this, some epilators come with a trimmer and a cap used for eyebrows. The epilators are best for facial sides, chin and upper lips.

Epilator disturbs the roots and hence, the process is not painless. Shaving your hair is quite painful and thus precautions need to be taken. Also, use the epilator to the opposite side of the hair growth so that the hair gets plucked off easily. Going slow with the process is the best option. The face skin is also crucial, so you need to take proper care while epilation is done. You should also hold the skin tight from both the sides so that the chances of skin plucking are reduced.

So get an appropriate epilator for a painless, equilibrium trimming, and epilating process for a long lasting effect.

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