Ways to Create an Event Budget

When faced with the task of organizing an event, planning is key. When you are the planner that point is a bit moot. Organization is the only way to reduce the tension of the moment and get a handle on potential problems and their resolution.

Having an organizer, or calendar, is a good start and an old way of doing things. Pages tend to curl, and pieces of paper placed in the margins are never perfect. Using an excel event budget template is a modern accessible alternative, and there is no need to find a pen to jot things down.

Event Budget Software or Creating Your Own

If you aren’t sure about any programs in your Microsoft Office other than Word, then a software program may be the best choice. There are several prominent software products available. Each adds ease and convenience. Depending on the size of an event, and the number of people involved, each software offers customization.

Software programs offer the ease of photo scanning receipts from a cell phone, a built-in audit to find questionable purchases based on your specification, and a compilation of multiple user reporting. If you are the point man on a team, the software allows each member to access the program to scan their own receipts for their assigned task. There is no need to wait to hand a receipt to you for the expenses to be reconciled. Any mistakes or adjustments can be rectified instantly and not at the end of the week or project.

If micromanaging is more your speed, then consider creating an excel spreadsheet of your own. There are several templates online to guide your set up for the event being planned. You can determine the pace the budget is reconciled and manage the items by hand while with the team member assisting.

Creating an Even Budget

It seems straightforward. You have a budget. You have an event. You know the things you must do: rent a venue, order catering, purchase materials, etc. There are some things to consider when creating a budget.

• Renting a Venue
• Furnishings and Décor
• Staff
• Marketing the Event
• Traveling Costs
• Catering
• Equipment
• Entertainment
• Contingency Budget

In addition to the budget itself, determine the planning process for the details of the event. Establish a timeline for the reporting or reconciliation of responsibilities. Determine the fees of those employed to assist.

No matter the event, whether a wedding, holiday party, corporate event, or meeting an accurate budget can make the difference in being stressed and unorganized or relaxed and in control. Having a complete plan, with safety nets established along the way will make you look like a pro, even if you are not one.

It will certainly look good to anyone you want to impress. A boss, in-laws, or yourself will want to take your example and utilize it in the future. Be sure to take the things learned along the way in consideration for any future event. The next one will run more smoothly once experience is under your belt.