What The Best Dog Shock Collar Must Have

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "shock collar"Dog shock collars are very popular nowadays. No, they are not designed as a way of punishment, they are designed to help you train your dog or help him understand what he is doing wrong at. All of this suggests that the best dog shock collar must have specific features and it must be safe. A good thing is that most of them are safe to use, but not all come with the features you are going need. Now you will know which features are mandatory.

  1. Warning modes

This is probably the most important feature the best dog shock collar must have. In essence, a collar will have vibration or/and beep notifications. Once activated, your dog should realize he is doing something wrong, so he will stop. This is used before the shock mode, but you will need some time to train your dog to understand how this works.

  1. An intensity that can be adjusted

Simply said, the best dog shock collar will have a shock intensity which can be adjusted. By doing this, you can adapt the collar for larger or smaller breeds of dogs. Also, you can use it for more stubborn dogs. In addition, you can also use this setting to adjust the intensity as your dog learns how to listen to your commands.

  1. Automatic feature

Dog shock collars are paired with the automatic feature. Of course, you get this only with the best models. It means that when your dog is repeatedly breaking a rule, barking, for example, the collar will be activated all by itself. This allows you to use it even when you are not at home. On the other side, it isn’t recommended to leave your dog for a long period of time with a collar set in this mode.

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