What You Need To Know About Foundation Surveyors And Lease Extension

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Lease Extension"The Foundation Surveyors company was founded as a direct challenge for the London chartered surveyors services market. The wanted result is all about affordable priced services that can be adapted to each and every person. You can hire Foundation Surveyors to value and survey any residential or commercial property. There are no affiliations with lenders or real estate agencies and our chartered surveyors have a vast experience in the field.


What is a lease extension?

In 1967, those who had a Leasehold property were entitled to extend the lease or purchase the freehold through the Leasehold Reform Act. In 1993, the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act (known before as the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act, amended in 2002) offered the leaseholders the possibility to extend their lease to a 90 years period and reduced their rents. The leaseholders from one building could also gather resources collectively and purchase the freehold. Foundation Surveyors Lease extension specialists have years of experience with lease extension transactions for leaseholders and freeholders, not to mention collective enfranchisement.


How does a lease extension transaction work?

Foundation Surveyors take your case independently and work according to the pertinent legislation. You will receive explanations of every detail and be fully aware of the legislation and the rights under the law at any moment of the process. The company can assure you that your rights will be protected during the process of extending the lease. Foundation Surveyors offers expert advice and valuation assistance for the freeholders that have received the S13 or S42 Notice or for the Initial Notice of a leaseholder. It does not matter what route you choose to go, informal or statutory, the company will do their best to offer you the outcome that you deserve.

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